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7 Ways to Grow Your Business With Digital Marketing

By May 23, 18

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One of the worst mistakes small businesses tend to make is believe that they don’t have the resources to launch an effective digital marketing campaign. Fortunately, you don’t need a marketing budget the size of Amazon’s or a creative team as sharp as Google’s to make your website known. Anyone can employ these digital marketing strategies.

1. SEO/Google AdWords

The ideal result of any successful form of digital marketing is exposure – creating a gravitational pull that lures people to your website.

You could get lucky and have someone type in the exact keywords to find your gym. However, if you’re buried beneath the weight of similar local facilities, then using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) will be your lifesaver.

While Google doesn’t come with a catalog, there are a few things we do know about the it. What matters most? Quality content. Make sure your content is well-written and filled with essential information. Update it regularly. Share it on your social media platforms. Implement the right keywords to get your name on top, but don’t overstuff your website with them – Google doesn’t approve.

Moreover, considering using Google AdWords to confirm you’re on the first page of Google. The tool lets you bid on specific keywords that people search. AdWords lets you decide how much you’re willing to pay per click. You can then modify your ad to include your services, location and supplemental links.

2. Social Media

If you’re not already online, make a profile immediately. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a virtual storefront or can’t write an Instagram caption to save your life. Start anyway.

However, don’t just opt for the obvious. While Facebook and Twitter are essential, don’t discount the potential embedded in platforms such as Pinterest and LinkedIn.

Study what type of network works best for your type of business and tailor your approach to that. Different venues offer different features, and you can develop an incredible following if you cater to them.

Make sure you adapt your profile to Generation Z. That means you must be speedy, creative and most importantly: interactive. Make live videos, Snapchat your special events, showcase your seven-tier cakes on your Instagram stories. Do giveaways. If you take this to the next level by developing a relationship with your local community, you’ve created a success story.

3. Mobile-Forward

It doesn’t matter how engaging your content is: if it’s not adapted to be seen on a cellphone, odds are people aren’t seeing it.

Optimizing your website to be responsive on all screen sizes cannot be emphasize enough. In fact, Google has even started to penalize websites that aren’t optimized for mobile devices. Making sure your photos, layout and text work in mobile mode depends on the type of platform you’ve made your site on, but builders such as Wuilt automatically do it for you.

You can also try targeting to take advantage of the time people spend with their eyes stapled to their screens. Brands such as Sephora use localized mobile marketing efficiently. Sephora even went as using geotagging to alert a nearby customer that she had an unused gift in the store.

4. Content Marketing

We know, you’re tired of hearing it, but content really is king. One of the things that will certainly make you stand out from your competitors is how useful your content is.

Make it about the people you’re serving, not just your services. Supplemental blog posts, videos and e-books that are rich with information draw people to your brand without even looking you up. It’s a very clever tactic to create a buzz around your brand and make you seem like an authority in your field.

However, don’t just write a stream of posts and expect the rest to take care of itself. Focus on quality. As a small business, you can upgrade this approach by posting about local happenings and forming a relationship with your community. Give your brand a face, and make sure that face is one that’s always eager to assist and engage.

5. Email marketing

Email marketing lets you tell your followers about your new packages, send them your blog posts and update them about their membership statuses. It’s another digital marketing approach that’s tied to the rising use of cell phones.

However, since most emails are sent to the trash without their subject lines even read, you have to make sure you execute your marketing strategy correctly.

Try to write engaging, short and witty subject lines. Segment your emails. Keep the content of your emails to the point, and find a healthy balance between photos and images. Most importantly, make sure you avoid these common email marketing mistakes.

6. Content personalization

Content personalization takes data analysis to the next level by allowing you to specifically target the personalities of your audience and tailor your site to that.

Everyone visiting your site is there for a different reason. Some might be first-timers, others might have your layout memorized. Some might be ardently looking to make a purchase, while others might be looking for a way out. Whatever the case, when you collect the data, you can use it to market yourself differently to different people. Information such as buying history, device type location and keywords can be extremely beneficial when used properly. Get to know people on a personal level and it’ll start to show in your conversion rates.

7. Data Analysis

Let’s face it, in this day and age, numbers are everything. Your website’s analytics are like the backbone of your digital marketing efforts – without them, you’re stuck in a standstill, blindly making the motions without knowing if they’re benefitting you.

If you want to target a more niche population, then it’s important to learn about your audience’s demographic.

You can track all the essentials – who, what, when, where and why. You’ll know things like whether or not your traffic population is proportionate to your leads, where your audience is clicking and the times of day you should post.

Plus, with tools such as Google Analytics, Facebook insights and Wuilt’s built-in analytics system, this is now easier than ever.


  • Data analysis can help you gain important insight on your users and marketing efforts
  • Social media is an absolute must, but you should pick your platform based on your type of business
  • Content marketing can help you form a connection with your followers
  • Email marketing lets you establish a steady stream of communication with your subscribers
  • If you learn specific information about your users and then adjust your content accordingly, you can increase your conversions


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