Summer Samir

Content head and blogger at Wuilt. Experienced in SEO, digital marketing, and eCommerce. When I'm not writing content, you can find me crawled on bed with a big bowl of popcorn watching my favorite sitcom. "That's what she said!"

12 Popular Website Types and Their Purposes

ecommerce website types

Building a solid website is crucial for your business success, but in order to do it right, you need to decide on a type that best suits the nature of your business and industry. In addition, all types of website design can be of great inspiration to your own. Read carefully below to understand the Read More

How to Make Your Wuilt Website

How to Make Your Wuilt Website

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Top 5 Web Analytics Tools for 2021

Top 5 Web Analytics Tools for 2021

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A Beginner’s Guide to Split Testing (A/B Testing)

Ultimate guide to split testing

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6 Content Marketing Strategies to Boost Engagement

Content Marketing

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What is Growth Hacking, And How do You Use it?

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