Building a solid website is crucial for your business success, but in order to do it right, you need to decide on a type that best suits the nature of your business and industry. In addition, all types of website design can be of great inspiration to your own.

Read carefully below to understand the different popular website types and decide on the one that suits you best.

Important Website Statistics 📈

  • According to Sweor, 57% of internet users don’t recommend businesses with a website that’s not mobile optimized.
  • Companies’ authenticity is judged based on the web design – 75% of consumers admit.
  • Unattractive website design drives 38% of internet users away.
  • Smartphones hold a 63% share of retail web visits.
  • Bad website experiences drive 88% of online consumers away.

the importance of websites statisticsAccording to the mentioned statistics, having a website is crucial to any business, and building your brand website to offer a smooth, powerful user experience is the asset on which corporates and project owners rely to get more visitors and increase their brand exposure.

The numbers also indicate the importance of web design in creating a satisfactory user experience for their visitors, hence, improving their brand recognition and credibility.

What are The Popular Website Types?

Getting to know the most used website types out there on the digital space and their purposes is the first step in deciding which website type your business needs.

Next in line, we’ll tell you how to build a satisfactory website for your brand.

1# Search Engines 🔍

There are many search engines on the Internet such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other search engines that help you find information through keywords you enter in it and refer you to websites.

Search engines are the types of websites that help you find information on the internet.

search engine website type


They work as a directory for other websites and blogs, and they set the bar for whichever content is high quality and is worth reading according to the keyword you used in the search bar.

That’s why some results rank higher and on the first pages than others. This ranking is decided according to Google’s algorithms. The more you understand it, the more you practice better optimization and hence, better ranking.

That being said, you need to make sure you optimize your website or blog content for search engines in order to rank on top of their results.

2# eCommerce Websites 🛒

eCommerce websites are made for selling products or services online and providing online payment options. Those are the types of websites that make money. You know a robust eCommerce store from its fast loading time, smooth and interactive design, with easy and clear navigation.

Here’s an example from one of the eCommerce stores made on Wuilt. ⬇️

socks ecommerce website on wuilt

A huge gravitate towards eCommerce stores has taken place since COVID19, either from retail merchants invading the digital world or shoppers relying on online shopping.

The easy way to participate in the growing eCommerce industry and start selling online is through an inclusive eCommerce store builder like Wuilt.

With just a few clicks, your eCommerce store will be ready to launch. The best part about relying on Wuilt for your store creation is having an integrated system that connects your sales, logistics, payment, and marketing all together from one back office.

3# Business Websites 🏢

Business websites are made to represent a business on the internet, at Wuilt, we call it “digitizing your business”. It’s made to increase the business’s credibility and help people easily find it.

Any business in this digital era we’re living in should establish a base of authenticity, reliability, and provide online customer service for its users. The reasons and achievements of building an online website for your business can vary.

The below is an example of a business website:

types of websites - business website types

A website is also an essential part of the overall branding process. That’s why Wuilt eases the process of creating an online website for companies, corporates, and business or project owners. Just a few clicks and your website or store is ready to be launched into digital space.

4# Government Websites 🏛

Governments create these websites to represent their business too, including news, announcements, regulations, and services.

The goal of these websites is to make government information easier to access and acknowledgeable by citizens in order to eliminate and dismiss any wrongful information that could be published or released from other unreliable sources.

5# Educational Sites 🎓

The purpose of educational websites is to publish educational content through it, whether videos, courses or blogs.

Educational website types can be created by professional educational institutions like universities or educational platforms such as Coursera, Udemy, or Udacity, and more.

educational website type

Other times an educational website can be built and owned by an online freelance instructor who wishes to reach more students to purchase and take his educational courses.

6# Social Media Platforms

Social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. are also different types of websites. Their purpose is to connect people all over the world together with real-time communication.

social media website type

Besides having your own website, you’ll also need to activate your presence on popular social media websites such as the ones mentioned above in order to increase website visits and brand visibility. We’ll talk more about this on a different topic.

7# News Sites

Newspapers and even television channels moved from the traditional publishing methods and the print press to focus on being present on the web with live broadcasts, people now subscribe to online news publications to receive the news on their email.

news website type sample from SA

This is one of the types of websites that make money through online payments.

8# Portfolio Website

The types of websites design that’s created to help individuals and service providers showcase their work in a professional manner. It makes them improve their credibility and focus on attracting more potential clients.

You too can create a portfolio website on Wuilt by registering and entering the details and services that you provide. You can also upload your own logo and specific designs, or just pick from our Shutterstock integrated search plugin.

💡 Take this portfolio website created on Wuilt as an example.

Portfolio website type example from Wuilt

9# Banking Website

This is one of the most prominent types of websites because they provide money transfer services either through banks on the ground or banks that have no headquarters. This type of website is characterized by a higher degree of security than others.

10# Web Applications

You can use these web applications to get help with applications and services, either in managing a project, storing files, editing documents, or other things that help you get your work done.

11# Gaming Sites

They are sites that specialize in interacting and playing with a large number of features that make many people try it, especially teenage groups.

12# Online payment

Online payment gateways have websites to showcase their services and prove their authenticity against each other.

They’re now widespread since eCommerce relies heavily on online transactions. These websites are highly secured and they’re created to help secure and smooth out the flow of online transactions created by two parties.

We’ll talk more about the online payment providers we deal with on another topic.


Check out some commonly asked questions and their answers:

What are the types of websites?

  1. News sites
  2. eCommerce websites
  3. Blogs
  4. Banks and banking services websites
  5. Social media websites
  6. Search engines
  7. Government websites
  8. Educational websites
  9. Business websites
  10. Gaming websites
  11. Web applications
  12. Online payment

What is the difference between ready-made sites and programmed sites?

The ready-made site is less expensive, you can create it yourself without any coding or programming experience.

As for the programmed sites, you need to appoint a programmer to do it for you, not to mention the need to maintain it in the long term. Here comes the need for Wuilt.

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